Growing up we only had the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) or African Independence Television (AIT) or Channels TV, to help keep us busy with Education or entertainment and they did a pretty good job.
One series however I loved cos of the comic relief was paradise park directed by Julius Agu although I tried to Google an image of it to show y’all some characters but nothing popped up, but I’m pretty sure those in my age bracket would easily know the program

Why the long gist though? I got inspired to buy this cap because of the characters in that play, they made it look like the new cool and when I went thrift shopping I couldn’t resist buying it. I decided to pair it up with my T-shirt that remains forever crinkled like it hasn’t seen a flat hot surface
What are your thoughts on the outfit? And how do you recommend long shirts to be worn??



  1. Love this look girl and I think the crinkling on the shirt adds character to this look. Never watched the cartoon you mentioned but I do recall those days of having only the above mentioned television stations to watch as a child. Love the edit on the pictures by the way.

    Princess Audu

  2. I love everything especially the shirt with the characters and everything. So cool n chic. I think I will start thrift shopping too. Too many good stuffs.

  3. We totally had the same childhood, lol
    I love your


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