Last week Friday in Abuja was the bloggers brunch, it rained heavily that day and I didn’t have the chance to take good pictures although I got there late for the event. Abuja isn’t always bubbly with event such as this so I want to say I was really impressed by the turn out and how everything went, I got to connect with a lot of bloggers especially food bloggers winks

We played a team game and I came last you know failing sucks but hey Brownies team won, check her blog HERE I’m sure you can recognize some faces and let me know if you do…
Portia who was in my Team won best dressed, she made her outfit herself and got the material for N350 check her blog

Maryam of Fashion by Diasy (HERE) is the founder although I realized this late, she really has put a lot of efforts into seeing it work, I got a gift bag which I’ll review in coming days, if you attended the event put your comment below and link to your blog so I could check it out 
Portia who was in my Team won best dressed 
I took pre photos prior to the event of what I was going to wear and I decided to post it with, what are your thoughts on my outfit choice???



  1. I really love your dress.

    Mich x

  2. Beautiful outfit! Grey hair looks good on you!!
    DeeVine Anonyme

  3. Hi Grace. Been following your blog and your instagram page for a while now and I really love your fashion sense. I was just wondering if you could give me some tips that will help me figure out my own style sense. Sometimes I feel like I know what I like and what I don't and the next minute am lost and totally confused. I really want to be able to express myself through what I wear. Would be so glad if you can help me. Plssssssss. By the way I love your gown and the hair and I can't believe she made that beautiful gown with just N500. Amazeballs. Thanks alot

  4. Yaaaayy! I see me!
    Thanks so much for the love darling! ❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋

  5. Oh and the event was so much more than I expected. Twas amazing getting to meet and connect with other creatives.
    Looking forward to more meets like this.

  6. Yes, I saw Portia's outfit. It's so beautiful. Love your dress Grace, the colour looks so good on you! xx

  7. OMG, Portia's outfit is stunning!!! Fabric was N350?!?! How?!?!?!?!?

    Berry Dakara Blog

  8. Love the colour of your dress!!!
    Can't believe she got the fabric for N350, Bargain!!!!!
    I think there were more fun/get to know me activities at the Abuja Bloggers Brunch.


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