If you follow me on Instagram, you would like see why my post has this heading. I watch movies once in a while and have seen korean movies in a fleeting move to entertain myself, but recently i've been over the top with their movies, culture, music name it. I even started to apply to Seol University 
(not a joking stuff) but yea the only way I could actually express my love for them is through fashion and this printed skirt is almost a signature look when it comes to their present generation and yea they also love berets, that's why I had the look altered at the end...

I'm thinking of visiting soon, when our Economy decides to have a good turn around or hey who wants to sponsor me on a trip (laughs), or wants to go on an adventure through China boarders? who are your favorite stars in South Korea and what do you love about them?


  1. A girl can dream. Hope that You get your wish to visit South Korea.

  2. such a cute outfit!

    hope your dream comes true :)!

  3. Please let's go together ��✈️


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