The First Lady Pencil Skirt - Black
Fall is around the corner and its been a long time since I did a haul look into what i'm adding to my wardrobe for the season.

I've not had a black pencil skirt in a while and thought to add one to my collection so I got this from HERE

I recently collaborated with Jumia and picked up a few pieces which i'll be styling over the coming weeks or days.
  Aphie High Waist Skinny Jeans- Ginger HERE
Another Wardrobe piece I added which is my new favorite thing, is a brown highwaisted pants, that fit on my skin like a glove 

A-sleeved Maxi Dress HERE
 This dress may not look like everyone's cup of tea, but I do have this idea in my head when I see pieces for the first time and when they fit into it I buy them

One of the most important things I do before I go on a haul during any season, is to write down what has been on my wish list and see if I can pick them or purchase at a reasonable price

I also got a jumpsuit and one that isnt long, HERE
There are a few more items I couldn't fit here cos there was no picture representation but I'll sure let you all know where they where gotten from..

what are your thoughts on these pieces?


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