silk slip-on is a trend that I really tried to distance myself from, since people got wondering how fashion has slipped into our night wardrobe piece but well Rihanna so rocked it well I reconsidered. I decided to give three possible ways this outfit can be worn and my favorite ways actually it being layered with the green inner shirt. I also brought out all shades of green I could get so would you rock this trend and what are your thoughts?


  1. your pictures lately have this hazy look about them, i don't know if it's supposed to look more vintage. for the last 3 or 4 months. I dont know if it's a camera setting or something, but i'll be honest and say I prefer the quality of the previous pictures.
    you seem to be experimenting a lot lately too.

  2. i am telling you, Rihanna makes me rethink of alot of trends. I have been loving this slip on trend and I think my favourite way would be with a mom jeans, I also would like to wear it like you did there with a jacket.
    Omg your shoe those, can we get some deets, i feel it is a diy but it is so lovely.

  3. Slip dresses are just the bomb, sexy yet so comfortable. I featured one in my new Fashion collection. Love the combo with the tshirt.

  4. Well slayed 😍😘👌🏻Epic!!!


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