Hello Everyone 🙈 can't believe we have less than a month for 2016 to come to an end. Its been a year full of its own testaments good or bad... Thankful for life and family, what are you thankful for? 
Todays outfit is more like a cool kid look,  I super love it, because its a trend and its in style. Bell sleeves has been a thing this year and thanks to the5Kshop HERE i'm able to add to my wardrobe this colorful and playful look. This lipstick material was very present in the style scene this year and I love how this one was twisted to give it a more laid back yet sophisticated look. 

I'm now in the cool kids club (WHATEVER THAT MEANS) styled it with the only pair of sneakers I love, i'm sure y'all have already noticed, what are your thoughts about this trend? and should we have it or make it stop?

SNEAKS: Adiddas
Bag: Thrift