I know I've procrastinated this review but I'll try to still highlight my favorite designers this year till i'm done. So lets talk about Ladunni Lambo, I didn't really think much until I went back to review the photos I took and goodness me, I was impressed with the simplicity yet structured approach to most of the outfits and yes I also loved that the materials had a root like and traditional outlook but yet a modern finish!!

From the edge that came with the materials to the female finishing of the suits and color choice, I was blown away, easily one of my favorite collection from day 2. The sophistication you could feel at first glance was breathtaking, definitely something not confined to our borders.

I'll say I loved the way the material flowed in this collection, definitely feminine although I know a lot of people pushed borders to come up with a more technical look, this designer on the runway was refreshing to see. The feminine feel to it, and how light weight the moment of the fabric was did it for me. 

I really feel the men brands this year did an amazing job, they had a clear story line, from the masculine, to androgynous, to somewhat bizarre and there was no soft landing. I liked people of color because of the pastels and silent mixed print, which was well coordinated 

Yes this was a breath of fresh air, from the styling which was a major direction issue for me at Lagos fashion week this year. In as much as everyone was trying to be futuristic a lot of people weren't realistic with the styling of their brands, but Ré made my day, it was fun, youthful, wearable, relatable, ethnic, I could go on and on and on... but I know a lot of people who would agree with me.

I loved the way this print photographs and I feel a lot of work was put into the details especially considering that it was flowery and didn'tlook out of place 

I loved this line because of how relatable it was to my kind of fashion, the styling was done perfectly and yea interesting choice of material, I love the fusion of retro and modern fit, gave me a different feel.

I couldn't expect anything less, although a lot of pieces came out these few stood out to me, just because it went out of the normal cycle of things and still didn't look bizarre 


yes and yes to the move of African print away from cliche to contemporary and yes I loved the forward and structured nature of the pieces, it was unexpected and it was something new 

to be continued....


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