Hello everyone, Yesterday was the United States (US) election and although people have suggested that we should concentrate on our own issues in Nigeria, I still think whatever happens to the US affects us and it definitely has to be an issue discussed, after all our purchasing power is largely affected by it. 

I just want to say that the same feelings where shared during the 2015 elections here in Nigeria and honestly life goes on. A lot of people drag God into issues like this, but what happens to the free will he gave us, our choices are solely done by us, I can only say he knows what goes on and would always protect those whose hearts are right with him...


  1. Definitely agree with you that life does go on! I wrote a similar post on my page yesterday addressing the situation.

  2. Lovely outfit, I love the Blend of the natural colours.

  3. I totally love this vintage look grace. Well done!


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