Happy new year everyone, I guess we will still have to use this term till we are way over it. What has the first 6 days been like, its good seeing a lot of hope in peoples vibes. Mine has been a bit complicated and I need a lot of time to let go of the cluster in my life... 

To today's post, as surprising as it may sound I've never been on a proper date. You know the ones you go to a fancy place, eat laugh and drink, with one good guy you fancy ( yes that, hasn't happened to me yet) 😆. So I decided to do that for myself, looking a bit sloppy I decided to head out to a recommended place by my brother, because I didn't to break bank over it. 

Located at a strategic position in Wuse 2 opposite Emab Plaza is Easy Bite

I was really impressed with the meal although my plantain was too strong to swallow, and I ended up leaving that there. The restaurant is joined to their confectionery, which is also amazing. Customer service was good, ambience amazing the good part was the food cost N2,000 and to be honest I've been to places where the cost for such is way higher.

So first rules of 2017 make yourself happy and make happen for yourself what you want someone to do for you. Have you visited Easy Bite, what was your experience and do y'all want to know bargain-able places to eat in Abuja?