During my Christmas giveaway HERE, I had asked what would most of you love to see more on the blog and inspirational post ranked the highest. I’ve decided to merge it with my outfit post, killing two birds with one stone (what are your thoughts on this?) .

Today I want us to talk about one Loving oneself, which is the first point of call to greatness for any individual, most great achievers are people who do not let anything or anyone make them feel bad about themselves. Unfortunately, in Nigeria emphasis is barely placed on this and to consider oneself over anything sometimes may feel obscure (figuratively), and children and individuals grow up, to form habits of less self-appreciation, that goes on to them living mediocre (which lately has seen a dynamic move) based on that mindset.

One of the first steps to correcting this is in knowing that God loves you  (see Jeremiah1:5)  furthermore list some of the attributes that are usually praised about you and read it over and over again until you start believing it. I hope you realized how love and cherished you are….

What are the other tips for loving oneself ?

Todays outfit is I finding comfort in green shades, something about this color that comes with its assertiveness and yet calm demeanor and the outfit gives this playful yet strong feel