20 January 2017


Every now and then I get to remind y'all on the blog how difficult it is to create content and sometimes issues arising from our daily lives combined with our passion, can put so much pressure on any individual.

One of the issues I tried to make a mental note on at the beginning of this year to take care of was to put less pressure on myself. The previous year had me doing a lot of things with little satisfaction and proper finishing coupled with anxiety. Pressurizing oneself can lead to a lot of guilt anxiety and then depression especially when the issues surrounding you at that moment cannot be solved.

One of the best ways I'm learning to handle and reduce pressure has been by choosing my battles wisely, less cluster of activities, doing things at the right time and getting more hands. There is no greater feeling sleeping and waking up without so much noise on your mind. I'm learning to say no to issues I can't handle and improving myself in that area, than accepting a challenge because I want to prove a point. Lately this trick had helped and I have time on my hands to take care of my mental state. A lot of people are going through a tough time now and I hope this helps.

what are your thoughts on this? and what better ways can you share to dealing with pressure?

Today's outfit is almost a juxtapose of two outfits from different backgrounds that I thought will look great together: I've styled the pants on this blog, but laziness can let me search for the link 😖

SWEATER: simpsons (thrift)

Pants: Ayabaofficial

Purse: Thrift

Shoe: Reneesignature 



  1. I understand, I never wanted to tell anyone no, because I didn't want to let them down. That eventually had me super stress and tired from trying to do too much, so I just had to get use to saying now and not feeling guilty about it. Love the sweatshirt!

    1. Thank you Koeshia and I understand that feeling

  2. Reminding myself that life is not a competition, so there's no point in stressing and pressuring myself to do what one person or another is doing - that's one way I've been dealing with pressure. At the end of the day, my wellbeing matters and a lot of things are really not by force.


    1. you got me at a lot of things are really not by force (hahah)

  3. I always fell in love with every your outfit,you have perfect style

    Beba, www.bebagottel.com | Instagram |

  4. It does get pressuring trying to create content that is interactive and one your audience will love. Thnk you for this post


  5. First time commenting. I love the blend of playful and serious in your look. I'll certainly try it.


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