Lately it's been a struggle penning blog post most especially with the light situation in Nigeria, but we still pushing

So this topic idea came from a Cassie Daves's blog planner that I reviewed here y'all have to get it to help grow your blogs so many gems in there.

With the current situation of things it's really difficult to appreciate little things around us so today I'll be sharing 5 things I'm happy about

1) safety: the rate at which people have been missing lately, calls for prayers and gratefulness whenever you wake to know you're where you want to be.

2) Job security: Although mine may not be a fancy paying one, a lot of people would give an arm or foot to be employed somewhere, considering I'm not part of the regular statistics.



3) health: The little things we take for granted like breathing, doing most activities by ourselves without help, not spending on Health. Came in from school today and one of my student was pronounced dead in school, a really sad development, but got me thinking on how I might be taking that for granted

4) Jesus loves me/ salvation:
singing "yes Jesus loves (3x) for the Bible tells me so.  You might not realize it, but the sanity that salvation brings us priceless and one of the beautiful things about salvation is forgiveness, redemption and love. Also knowing how to do the right thing because of the knowledge of the word and the gift of the Holy Spirit

5) Grateful for You: yes you reading this right now, I'm grateful you're reading this and supporting my journey, you're amazing and you're loved.

What are y'all grateful for??