The pajama and suede trend that crept into the fashion scene last year is still gathering momentum and I'm here for it. I've never really been a fan of suede or the whole bizarre take when it comes to fashion, but this year, I'm doing a more personal take on fashion, this includes the beret trend, which I am so attached to.On a more lighter note, my mum went to the market and saw this tank top and thought it fit into my kind of style and got it for me, y'all can tall its going to be one of my favorite things, I love the simple edge twist it gives. This look is so laid back and fits the weekend cool kid look... what are your thoughts ?? OUTFIT THRIFT


  1. Love this look! Chic and comfy!!

  2. The fact that we are age mates and you have accomplished quite a lot in the fashion scene bothers me

  3. Love the oldies feel to the whole look


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