This would be the second in a row of this series. When I wrote the first HERE last year, I really didn't think I'll still be single this year, hahah, but here we are again and honestly we have to make the best of our day and y'all I see that face, its not the end of the world. I decided this year to also pen down a singles guide to enjoying Valentines:

1) Prepare a fun meal : Honestly if you were in a relationship, you probably would be doing this for bae, what makes you think your single self isn't deserving of that same treatment, spice that chicken up and have a nice, fun time.

2) Have a Singles Get together: This is probably the only way to let you know you're not alone in this journey. Hold a picnic, with food, fun, games and laughter, y'all go ahead and talk about your single state of mind and let your emotions go to rest. By the way sparks may begin to fly.

3) Its a work Day: Fortunately for us Valentines this year, falls on a work day, can the church say a big Amen to that, if it fell on  a weekend, it would be more solemn and some persons may probably be inconsolable. Dress pretty to work, celebrate with colleagues and drive home, you can't stress your emotions that much (me being savage now 😜)

4) Call that Fellow you have a crush on: May the heavens smile on you, and he is yet to be taken, I call it the Zaccheus Stratey, if he can't see you, make yourself known (y'all can thank me later) who knows God might just drop the love you need in their heart

5)Visit the less privileged: Orphans, widows, the hospital, your grandparents, parents, the list could go on, but you know apart from the emotional attachment to valentines, there are people who need to be loved in a less romantic way, like genuine love, as to looking out for one another, go with gifts and something fun to do.

6) You do know that Jesus Loves You: Year in year out this has and will always be a big consolation, that someone loved me regardless, before he knew me, even when he knew I might not love him back, and then he send the Holy spirit as a comforter, so when I feel lonely I have someone I can always talk with (emotional right now). So knowing that Jesus loves you should surpass any other feeling

7) Be Like Grace watch Korean Series: if you follow my Instagram handle, you will know that Korean movies have my heart, to you it may be something else like 'BLACKISH' something that makes you happy...

if there is any other consolation, you are loved by me... have a wonderful Valentines day you can comment your tips below and let me know what you think about mine