Honestly, I can't really tell what season and year this Jeremy Scott pants (BRAWEAR) where released, but considering from when I've owned them it should span a bit over 4 years. This is one of those items in ones wardrobe that doesn't loose its flare, and becomes more of an iconic piece. One of those first thrift items I've worn on the blog countless times, it hurts 😂. I really didn't fancy the pants for 2 years or so until one day, I decide to check the label and then a sudden love for the pants grew and a new level of ✊ respect... 

Writing this post now and thinking about how in real life situations, people never really consider us or pay attention then down the line, they see our worth and try to place a value on us, or make amends.

I'm glad I didn't have to sell it off or trash it and then realize later that would have been such a bummer

Do you have wardrobe staples that you recently just realized their value???