I recently just learnt this and it will have to be  "thanks to Cassie". If you follow or subscribe to Cassie's blog you'll realize how more detailed and engaging her post can be, with links, tips etc. honestly when I started this blogging thing it was more like that for me until more engagements came up and I just kind of hurry my post only once in a while do I come up with something tangible. So I felt like giving this tips might help someone...

1) USE MOBILE APPS: I for one realized that thinking of typing a whole lot of 💡 ideas can get tiresome and when we actually do, It doesn't translate our train of thoughts properly, so mobile apps such as notes 📝 available on smart phones can be an easy way to jot something down. This is because most of us are addicted to our phones and they make our communication more fluid and flow:

2) GET A PLANNER: Cassie Daves blog planner is a deal breaker in this: it would help you schedule your activities either for the month or week and it also has topics that vary on subjects you like and you can help yourself with HERE

3) HAVE A TOPIC SERIES: one can never really exhaust all ideas on a particular topic shared, you can decide to sparse them over a period of time to keep your readers coming back Learn't this from @blessingomakwu  MY TROUBLES WITH GOD 
this conversations can be controversial to make it more interesting... 

4) LOOKBOOK FOR THE WIN: if you're fashion blogger this always saves, lookbooks always have people commenting on their choice and has a way of making people voice their opinions on outfits that have been put together almost like a poll. (Most times outfit choices for dates, events may differ a lookbook suggesting what you think would go best like HERE
Mayowa Nicholas for DVF

5) MAKE PEOPLE TALK: Give people the opportunity to express themselves on a particular topic, outfit or whatever idea you chose to share: but be aware of the haters (block button isn't far away) not people with honest concerns though

GIVEAWAY PRICES: If all these fails a giveaway won't who don't like themselves some good presents 🎁😘😘 what tips can you give?


  1. Please can you elaborate more on number 4?.and definitely a give away and if that fails go to a mountain and pray

  2. Great tips Grace, I recently published a post on 5 blogging tools every blogger should be using which got people engaged on the blog. I'm glad I found these.
    I started using my phone's notepad to put down posts and ideas before copying to my blog. This has been extremely helpful. Now I type faster and better because I can always work on posts offline and even on the go till I'm satisfied.
    A tip I will add to yours is to post one quality blog post a week instead of 3 or 4 average ones in a week for example. Include details and explanations and keep the word count high enough to also benefit from seo while your readers benefit from the post.
    Modavracha | Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

  3. Wow! Thus is so helpful, thank you Grace and Cassie

  4. These are great tips. I find that I get the most comments and engagement when I share personal stories - but of course, that's not for everyone. But readers really want to see your personality and that's what mostly attracts them and keeps them coming back.

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Hmm true though, hahha would try to open up more


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