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As part of my movement in Lagos, see post (HERE) I went to Maryland mall, everyone pratically talks about this place, that houses a cinema, boutique, makeup space, restaurant and the list continues, something similar to silverbird in Abuja. I had my first outdoor grill in Lagos, I honestly wasn't sure on my expectations, so I decided to add pasta and rice just to make sure its not an all round loser feeling (covers face)...

after waiting an average of 20 minutes my meals where out, freshly prepared, and the presentation would have made me full, if I wasn't so hungry. Since I'm unto affordable meals so I don't wash plate, I'm glad like each plate cost from like 800-1,500 .
 P.s if you're going to Bibi's their plantain grill is a must, let me know if you've tried it and do y'all want to see more food places I visit?