Before I started this post I had asked one of my brothers what are the first key words he would use when he wants to search for a good wristwatch and he said "Black leather wrist watch" and I asked what else and he said "Circle wristwatches" and he had no idea of this post but then that had solved majority of what the search for this post would be about.

Daniel Wellington is loved for is simplicity, class and quality. The rave about the brand cannot be overemphasized and I'm glad they have an outreach that is broad and not limited to Europe, America etc.  honestly I feel that's why they are one of the most popular wristwatch brands with over 6M following and a feed that makes me swoon.

This is my second pair remember the other  Classic Bristol 36mm” from Daniel Wellington HERE I decided to get something similar but in black HERE

good news is that you can get yours for way less using my discount code "GRACE" and trust me its worth it