I'm always so lazy lately to carry out a task, I don't know why and honestly its not a good feeling, because you have all these duties piled unaccomplished. I took the shot of this outfit months ago and haven't put it up. I love that green makes one look fierce without even trying, what other colors do you think makes a person look great? what are your thoughts about this look?


  1. I'm being a "meanie", but did you mean task as opposed to tax?😜

    I'm not a stranger to feeling listless too. Hang in there. Much love!

  2. I like the outfit...afropolitan vibes.
    PS: What does it mean to carry out a tax?

  3. I know how you feel girl. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed by the things I have to do and it's not a good feeling because instead of crossing tasks off my to-do list, I retreat and end up doing nothing at all! It's a bad habit that I'm trying to get rid off. You'll be fine don't worry. x


    1. Thanks a lot love, and true it can be a joy killer

  4. Beautiful outfit. Red is a fierce colour too

  5. I think black and red are also fierce. You can do almost anything with those colours. By the way you look gorgeous in this outfit. Love

  6. Yellow will look good on you


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