2 April 2017


I've slacked a bit when it comes to documenting about my stories about my entrepreneur journey for gafasandals as seen HERE, truth is creating your own business and making it profitable isn't a mere feat, especially if one is Juggling between a job and hobby...

This year I had one goal and it was to consciously make better effort at improving my organization, when it came to sorting and delivering on my products. I wasn't good at this at an early stage and this was a carry over to how I treated my private life (really unorganized) and it affected to a large extent how UN-serious people thought I was about my business (they never told me though), which I felt later on. 

Honestly looking back to HERE then HERE  HERE and now , I'm glad I learnt my lessons as an accidental entrepreneur and I really know people stuck by my work because they understood I was honest about it and really had intentions on improving, which they saw as time went on.

I don't have a Personal Assistant (hoping on getting one soon) and so scheduling and raising invoice usually takes a back end, but I got this book recently from HERE, and this has been the best choice and should be for anyone starting up a business. Orders Ideas and finances by L-Planners has saved me so much time with the appropriate choice of words in organizing their business planner HERE  As one who isn't mathematically aligned to the digital age of computing (Ms Excel) it can be a huge task computing and delivering orders in the right way without hitches, about two years back this almost cost me to close up gafasandals. Its a lot easier now having this planner and documenting in real time and if I feel the need to use them on an excel file it gets easier.
Do you want me to talk more on my journey? have you used this planner and what are your  thoughts?


  1. Yes please, I'd love to read more on your journey. This inspired me to keep on keeping on despite my fears. This is the next planner I'm getting. Thanks for sharing

  2. You are such an inspiration

  3. Hi Grace, so there's something wrong with the links in this post. When i click on them it redirects to another place

    1. Hello Alicia, I did not renew my my domain, I am sorry about that you can search for gafasandals or entrepreneur on the search bar


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