A lot of you here, have asked questions as to where and how I thrift and find amazing pieces for less, I've never had time to give good tips, but today I'll post out some.

Location: There is no restricting oneself when it comes to thrifting and where to find great gems: but there are markets that have best steals for less. If you're in Lagos you may want to try Balogun Market, Marina, Yaba market and in Abuja; Dutse Market (Monday's) Karimo Market (Tuesday's)

Try to see beyond the physical: you know how they say don't judge a book by its cover, this is the best time to use that saying. Basically most of these items are now new, so you have to envision how they'll look when they've gone through the laundry, if you're luck enough to see items that are new they will be squeezed beyond recognition but by now you know what to do.

Be on the look out for your favorite brands: yea since you know on good days your pocket might not afford you a new Zara, Asos, Jeremy Scott and the list goes on, be on the lookout for them. It's surprising what you would find and yes 😲 thrift places are where you find those brands you see only on TV or on your favorite celeb. When you find them cherish them

Be Ready to Amend: Life isn't as easy thrifting as you think, when you find your favorite items, they sometimes come in big sizes if you're like me who is a size 7 and below. That however doesn't deter us, I have a sewing machine luckily for me and I usually do amend most of my items to fit. 😊😊🙌🏻

Set a Date: Thrifting takes time, so you don't come out of the market or store obviously displeased or with a number of items you probably wouldn't wear. Set a day out of your schedule and for me it's usually once a month and take your time and walk to your closest vintage store ( lucky me I have one next to my house) 🙈 and pick items carefully that makes you happy.

I hope this tips help and you can comment under for yours 🙌🏻 pardon any grammar errors and do y'all want me to start vlogs?

my outfit was a thrift steal and this is a break down of the cost

Cap: N400
shorts: N200
fishnet: 100
Polo top: N50
asides my bag that was N1000-1,500 there about and my shoe from Woolworth N5000. what do you think of the outfit?

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