Food is one thing I've been interested in lately and if you follow my Ig page, you'll almost mistake me for a foodie, but sincerely that's not the case. I have a very particular appetite and I barely know how to manage when the taste of a meal doesn't sit well with me 😣. I also decided to do it as part of my awareness campaign of favorite places to eat in Abuja (well if you need me my mail is available) MAIL (laughs).

I got wind of this restaurant from a good friend in Lagos and decided to try them out. Located in Asokoro Winny's meal first impression is a really calm, arty ambience a mixture of African and Asian feel, y'all know that with my current streak of Korean obsession, I decided to try their Asian meal "Chicken Soup Noodle" although Asian meals aren't my favorite meals to consume they did an amazing job.

The deal breaker was their pie (N250). it was worth every penny I paid to get it, I should try their African meals too and spill tea on how it went.

with a budget of 5,000 and way less you can have yourself a decent meal.