2017 fashion trends has to be one of my favorites, considering that 2016 had one of the wackest fashion trends in my books and well just because, year's back in Nigeria especially they weren't exactly people's favorite to say the least.  They where items we just felt should be thrown away and done with but hey look where they are now. So today I'm going to mention my top five fashion picks for 2017 and you get to tell me yours...

Fish nets: y'all remember how this stuff wasn't cool😞 it was for the gothic kinds and those we felt their reputation couldn't hold water😩 but see us now🙈. I love the way the fishnets reinvented themselves slowly but surely and they won their way to people's heart. Especially how it's worn under the jeans 🙌🏻 I love it
Straw Bags: I mean I don't think over here people gave it a second thought especially in regards to it being a fashion statement, if for anything it was a picnic bag. But hey I have four and still counting and they're my favorite things
Beaded hair: hey🙌🏻🤜🏾 if you're Nigerian or African for that matter, you know that the outside world is catching up on this pretty late. I remember recently my sisters beads of 14 years was in a container and when i wanted to borrow it for a shoot ( since it's became a trend) turned out my younger brother was only going to give it to me for higher 😒 say what 🙁😲, yea we could care less before but with people like Beyonce jumping on the bandwagon, a lot of people have adopted this culture. if you did this as a child say I (LAUGHS)

Bold Big Belts (B3) : y'all know how it was a thing in 2009 and we didn't know how we gradually threw it out of the fashion scene but hey they're back with a bang and a more corset feel way. And I'm here for it. Especially when it's worn with a white top, ok although I have bella here y'all know what I'm talking about check HERE

Bandana: the prejudice that came with the bandana was endless especially if you attended a public school. For one you're branded a cultist. It was a no go area, for a girl (oshey thug) but thank God times have changed you can now rock and be considered a cool kid (or am I wrong 🤔)
Well these are my top five, do you agree with me and do you love them Or you need them to remain where they have been and what is yours??