When I started gafasandals HERE, I knew where I wanted it to be but the process that came with it was overwhelming and a total shock. Being the PR, customer service, Delivery woman and combining it with my own personal schedule at the early stage of this journey is a task I won't forget in a hurry down the road.

Although there where a lot of knocks at the early stage of the business (that i'm surprised I still have people buy the brand) there has been moments of reflection also. To me Gafasandals is more than a brand, its like a child and for everyone who has a business its almost the same experience. I've had my high moments and low moments and really low to suicidal point moments, but when you want to throw in that towel and you get that one message "hey I got my sandals today, I absolutely love them, planning on getting more" the whole stress becomes worth it again and so does the circle of survival.

Little lessons like being patient, no one will flog you, but you didn't die though, you got through yesterday, there are people who will still buy and a lot more words that pop up in my head has been a saving Grace.

I also remember that God doesn't give us a vision and task he knows is beyond us. " he gave you this mountain to show others it can be removed"

To anyone having a small business and thinking on how they would strive to the knock down stage, see the bigger picture of why you started. y'all can follow our page and shop your amazing collection from gafasandals...

have you bought an order from the brand, what where your  thoughts? we love the feedback 


  1. Lovely Sandals. Really love your story, highly inspiring. Keep it up dear

  2. I cant wait to come back home to buy one this, they are so beautiful i love the colors. I really needed to hear this.


  3. I really need to buy a pair, your sandals are so stylish!
    DeeVine Anonyme


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