31 May 2017



 Clinique Makeup and Beauty product recently launched on Jumia, and I had the opportunity to lay hands on some their amazing products. Clinique products are not exclusive to females as there are male products available to please them see (HERE)...

Getting beauty brands from the original source here in Nigeria can be a tricky stressful experience, and when you want to by from their site, it’s in Dollar and your visa card can’t purchase  (can I get a witness)✋? yes and when these are famous beauty brands, the cloned ones are made available at the next store close to you and the after effects some of us might still be nursing.

So it’s with pure excitement I say Clinique is now available on Jumia. Two of my favorite has been the perfume and foundation. I’ve had my own fare running’s with foundation and that’s because my super oily skin has never found a product to suit it, but the Chubby stick is actually less messy to use and more Oily skin friendly, gives a matte finish after being applied

Well y’all know this isn’t my first collaboration with the brand  see HERE and they are now family, watch a mini video I shot with my phone here: on the chubby stick foundation use and also the cheek color balm.

Do you have a Clinique product in your wardrobe? 

Watch quick Video here, sorry we are working on improving video quality 



  1. You look so beautiful in the video Grace, did you just get your hair cut? I've been looking for a good foundation stick, and might give this a try.


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