sometimes coming up with this headlines are a tad bit tricky, but before we go into the details of today's post, I want to digress a little. I have issues with writing English, and I read books, I've tried over and over and I'm so not lucky in articulating my thoughts artistically and the older I get the worse it seems to get and nothing hurts like when my words don't come out correctly and I'm being corrected. Please do y'all have tips that can help?

So back to today's post vintage shirts are tricky and you know the ones that come with polyester material and flat buttons that are so not contemporary, yea those ones. Well I decided to style one up and hopefully after this you take a ride through your mom's wardrobe.

I styled it in two different ways and both ways gave it an edge, I am a queen of repetition I decided to switch up the skirts with Denim, accessorizing them differently also. I am a bit biased as to which is my favorite as both of them gave me a different vibe. so which is your pick?

Bag/ thrift


Skirt/ thrift
Shoe/ Renee signature (check instagram)
Bag/ Mom's Hand me down
 Glasses/ Aliexpress
Hair/Labellevirginhair (Instagram)
Earrings/ Adaoragems (Instagram)