28 May 2017


Psalm 34:19 NIV "The righteous person may have many troubles, but the LORD delivers him from them all"

So recently I had this Kanye moment (where you just want to be out of the scene) and then the devil just makes proper use of your isolation to deal with you. Yes that one 😒 I've had histories with depression and suicide and it's not something I shy away from discussing. see HERE and HERE

Honestly I was so sad and somehow, I'll say ungrateful but a lot of shortcomings and I was overwhelmed, and since my online personality is bubbly one I couldn't rant, so I went on a deleting spree I Just wanted to clean out my space and it started from my room and ended online

But y'all are really kind and sweet a number of you reached out and said prayers I'm in a better place now and as always I advise that people who don't have the mental capacity to go through stress and enter a depressed phase should seek help immediately before their spirit is sunken.

I supper love this chiffon papaya gown, it's floral and free just like spring and compliments this Nigerian weather that's bipolar. Papaya as a brand has always been known for their subtle feminine feel

Shoes are from reneesignature


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