So I started this taking stock on the blog influenced by Cassie

Making: trying to do vlogs and videos and also making a capsule collection for Gafasandals

Drinking: Chi exotic, Vitamilk, Green Tea and Water. I think it depends on my mood as I am gradually shifting from coke.

Reading: Exploits of Faith by David Oyedepo, its a must read everyone, especially in this trying times.

Listening: sound by Davido, haha very unusual but the music got to me after I listened to it in a Restaurant.

Wasting: Time on a lot of things, there should be a cure for procrastination.

Achieving: Solitude, I'm growing content in being alone and enjoying my company 

Enjoying: Gods love, been sick for two weeks and I realize how I've been given second chance at things I've failed at and its because of Gods love.

Loving: Thrift shopping and my new mirror, that counts right?

Wondering: when Nigeria will get better and when our ruling class will take leadership seriously

Marveling: That our President hasn't handed over or resigned 

Noticing: that the internet doesn't fail to surprise me/ Adesua and Banky W

Thinking: love, life, growth and self development

Feeling: Grateful for health, we take that for granted and since I've been ill for two weeks straight I really can't over emphasize how health and the feeling of being healthy is important.

I needed to go for an earth tone bohemian look and the scarf covered that for me. I got it at Wuse market for N500 and I'm glad I did although it was after long cajoling.

BAG: Jumia
Shoe: shopdesire1709 
Shirt and Skirt: Thrift 

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  1. I ran to the blog as soon as I saw the update on IG. Well ran with my keyboard I mean. love your shoes Grace and that's a great book you're reading, I read it a long time ago I should probably go back to it. Love you and your blog xx

    Trying Out Nature Face Peel Off Black Mask

    1. Hehhe thank you Daniella, I'm heading to check out your blog

  2. Wow what a nice assemble.I love the bohemian look and it's earthen tone on you.Stumbled on your blog some months and really liking your stuff.thumbs up.


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