Hello loves, we have a style post up today after one week 🙌🏻🙌🏻🤣 excited. I'm basically a style blogger so other things on the blog is like a bonus...

How have y'all been?  I know it's a lot of things going on with everyone lately and being Nigerian at this point has to be one of the most difficult things, I know we have to be hopeful but that's the truth...

I've learnt lately that no matter how things may be as I mentioned earlier Gods timing is always perfect.

I've been working on traveling for my masters for two years now partly due to the fact that I Lecture at a university, the other is majorly because education has and will always be dear to me.
One of the reason I chose to study this particular course has been my indenting crave for art, technology and communication  and it was such a joy to find a course that didn't think jack of all trade was a master of non

I recently got admission AT GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY to study Communications culture and Technology at Georgetown, in Washington DC United States of America (USA) despite how difficult it was to get this, funding this vision has proved to be more difficult 

I've Saved up but that isn't going to take me far hoping to start a go fund me and get if you live in Washington and don't mind a room mate 🙌🏻 I don't mind 

hoping that things fall in pleasant places, but my school fees feels like Nigerian budget, but nothing is impossible 

So before I forget my outfit, is basically thrift and my pastel pink jacket went for 400 naira, such an amazing steal. I always love to look like a vintage cool kid and that's what inspired this look and peep my bandana that's been my favorite this since spring 
Leave your comments 👇🏽 on today's post, love y'all for your amazing comments I read them and appreciate them