8 May 2017


You made a way… and as the last chord stroke and the choir lined to take their leave, the assistant pastor mounted the pulpit to give the holy communion as it’s the ordinance and a usual custom on the first Sunday of every month.

His first words welcome to the month of Grace…my first expression was ahh month of Grace, I turned to my brother beside me and my facial gesture asking how? he understood and smiled and since he it was a quiet still moment he brought out his pen and papper and scribbled; it’s the 5th month and Grace has five words and I’m like ahah, that genuinely made me happy. I don’t know but there is something in a name, the bible in proverbs 22: 1 states  that A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold. Remember Jabez who had to cry to God to change his name? yes A Name is so important and to me I feel, I am who I am today by Gods grace and my name.

As the preacher went on he noted that Grace is empowerment, unmerited divine assistance, the ability to create one's own destiny through God. Honestly I’ve never felt so powerful. We are all a product of Gods divine Grace and mercy. I always joke around when people call my name by saying they prophesy, lol yes  names are like spirit that carries gifts to its bearers so I don’t take it for granted.

So what’s in your name?

My Outfit:

Y’all know its spring and as always one of the best places to find spring outfits in best patterns and colors is Jumia, see Here Here Here Here and Here to mention a few. I fell in love immediately with this Dorothy Perkins outfit when I saw it, I knew how good it would look on me and I wasn’t mistaken, I shared details on it Here , and good thing is its affordable, what are your thoughts on it?

Sunglasses Naysarudolfeyewear (find them on Instagram)

Shoe: (reneesignature)

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  1. Yaaay!!!..I'm Grace too and sometimes when i pray i tell God to make my name speak for me and he has never failed to be Gracious Beautiful piece ,beautiful outfit ....Thank you


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