Sunday was Father's Day and although it may seem too late to post this, since they get to celebrate once a year and some have considered it unfair but considering how many times we as women have things to celebrate, its only fair this post goes up ( but the feminist in me is a bit happy it's once, we get to fan their Pre existing ego 🙌🏻) I have a wonderful father, thankfully and I don't shy away from opportunities given to shower him praise: so I want to write out Ten daddy lessons and an outfit post to go with it.

1) pray at all times: I grew up seeing my dad pray, He was a pastor, loved evangelism and pursued it with his heart. I know that if not his prayers lol I wouldn't be half of what I am today. His voice is the first thing you hear at 1am and 6pm (so recently when Ive seen women taking the mantle and doing that with the new social media view, I'm always like I didn't grow up to see that)

2) Take responsibility : my dad never relegated his responsibilities to my mum, He clothed, fed and paid out fees. Not to say my mum wasn't there to support him, but he enjoyed being the head and all of us knew daddy was going to provide

3) work hard: I've seen my dad trek, without car, hawk and also back us to school and run back to his hustle. Goodness if I put half of the effort my dad has in my work, I know the sky will be a start point

4) Too much sleep= Laziness my dad could go bed by 3 and wake everyone up by 5pm for devotionals and I'm always like how do you manage to do this. So I kind of started doing that but then my sleeping habit now is skewed but I've been able to achieve much by sleeping less

5) why worry when you can pray: My daddy is the king of God will provide. The man barely worries except in extreme cases but his God has always come through for him

6) Righteousness Counts: my dad is an upright man, everyone knows his mail password, goes through his phone, lol he can't hide a secret for the life of him 😂 so his life is as plain as it comes

7) Your family is important : My family is a close knit one and although I don't really do tags of them often, they are my support system. My dad is always there for family except he is sick. I usually was the first to show up in my Uni days cos he wanted to go to work and couldn't afford me to use a public transport 😂

8) Education is important : I grew up with a wall paper on my room door that read, Reading is refreshing. Asides from his numerous awards and publications my dad is always into improving oneself intellectually, now y'all see one of my major inspirations for wanting to be a professor??

9) That daughters are as powerful as Sons: Ahh my dad didn't use his girls to play. He treats us like heirs, our opinion counts and no boy in the house has a special privilege because you are a male, if it comes down to it the girls come first (adjusting my crown)

10) Food is important : so as much as I'm not a huge eater, I love food majorly for aesthetic purposes but when I was going through an anorexic phase I always knew I would get out of it because of my dads eating ways, he loves food 🤣 and if you follow my IG you can tell who I got it from.

Hope you enjoyed this, any typo error can be pardoned at this point cos I had to rush the end part.. happy Father's Day to amazing dads out there and to those who are their daughters first heroes we salute you... we forgive you for the miracles you couldn't perform ... comment below your daddy lessons

My style is a very tricky one and I wear what makes me happy although my style isn't relatable to many, I would not conform.

Shoe: Desire1709 fashion
Everything else is thrift, y'all know how my thrift game goes 


  1. You look so cool darling. Your dad should be proud!


    1. Hey Omolade, thank you so much God bless

  2. I'm so glad you have a wonderful dad, it's refreshing to see. Hope you continue to make him proud.

  3. I related very well with your style and I lovvvee the fact that you try to be and do you, I really appreciate your effort

    1. Thank you so much, I Just updated love God bless you for staying here


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