I remember trying to buy a denim buttoned down gown early last month and tried to google and see what I could come up with in regards to trends. To my dismay not so much of what I was interested in came up, not like there where no cool ones, but you know how we love varieties staring us in the face.
Lucky enough I was able to get two and now I have added the third to my wardrobe since the first is sold out here...

Buttoned down denim gowns come in different cuts, shades and length and although you cant do wrong with denim, sometimes its really tricky to not just wear it as basic as it comes, although the male folks don't mind, except they are Justin Timberlake. So asides my pose which is blehh what are your favorite cuts in denim? I'm currently searching for a faded culottes in Denim

I decided to post two different outfit post but with the different style techniques but would definitely be defined in the same way if one were to describe what they are looking for in a fashion store.

What are your thoughts and what quick accessories do you think can easily glam up a denim look?