Do you had that one ugly outfit you just want to do away with and all of a sudden ideas start flooding on how to make do with it?? So I got this skirt in ankle length because I loved the color, but when I got home I didn't like what I saw when I wore it, the fit was horrendous thankfully I have a sewing machine (saving me since..)
I decided to cut the skirt to knee length and used the hem to cover as a cape, and I loved the outcome, so next time you think of sending that outfit to the trash, you may want to think again ... so what are your thoughts on this outfit?

P.s I apologize that I don't do videos when it comes to things like this, cos my room has the worst lighting in history but y'all can make up an image in your head of what I just wrote right (covers face)

Top: Davogiz Clothing  (IG)
Shoe: Renee Signature
Bag: Thrift
Earrings: Adaoragems (IG)
Sunglasses: NaysaRudolf


  1. I have some ugly things I've never worn. I can't use a sewing machine though but you've inspired me to work on them. Gonna head to my tailor's pretty soon.

  2. That's so creative, would have never thought of that.
    The Cape looks Amazing!!

    Tuke's Quest


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