5 July 2017


Now before I go into  the details of this post, can anyone tell me what determines summer? I just recently told myself it must be the presence of sun. Am I wrong? It’s officially summer anyways, and its time to let your hair down and feel the wind, but there might be hassles if not properly planned out, summer will just be a long bore and becomes less interesting with the itch to go back to ones regular routine...

For students coming back on Holiday, this time is special and very useful in your young formative years and for adults breaking free from work routines, makes summer breaks a great idea. So I would pen down thoughts on how you can get busy this Summer:

Travel: To be honest what is summer without going to see a few favorite places on your travel list, it’s an amazing time to strike them off, traveling always brings new experiences and knowledge. I for one would love to visit Iceland and Switzerland I love quiet… but for now I am Nigerian and I have to deal with the harsh reality.

Pick a Skill: We are in a very beautiful dispensation, where craft and talent is really appreciated and can gain you the financial freedom you might just need. So what skill do you wan to improve on or pick, this is the time. (I am working on my writing and reading skills) would find time to give y’all an update on that.

Catch up with Family and give your phone a break: This is so hard and an advise I probably wont do I have a business to run (not an excuse though) but if you’re one visiting the family after a long time, you may want to be immersed in the moment and sometimes our gadgets are a huge distraction. What happened to round table discussions and laugh over meals?

Evangelize, have time for your local Church: We always have an excuse why we are not doing our Fathers business.  This is a perfect time to go out preach the gospel, and also do some community work with your church, God sees God hears. Do you know what may need to that next break you need?

Rest: Isn’t that why you took that break, to get out and rest? Don’t let summer activities get in the way of that sleep and drink so much water.

I have more to add but I will leave that up to y’all to mention your favorite ways you’re keeping yourself busy this season

 Y'all know Gingham print shirt are back, reminds me of my secondary school days and now its fashion, but I love it. If you follow my IG you are aware I took this shirt from my younger brother who it was gifted to. The skirt was a lucky find while thrifting. this look gives off so much summer vibe what are your thoughts...



  1. Awww, Pretty Awesome that you can fit in to your brother's clothes, looking forward to when my brother is old enough for that to happen :)
    I started working on the sales floor of a bookshop every holiday since easter of js2, it was really wise of my dad to make myself and my sister intern during the holidays as it helped build our cv and various skills.
    The occasional trips were also Amazing!
    Praying for the grace to raise my children right when that time comes.

    Tuke's Quest

    1. Girl, he is so big now it caught us all by surprise. I am glad your dad had to that, some parents realize too late how important development skills are. Thank you for being an amazing lady.


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