Looking back at my style I can say I’ve evolved and have done a lot of experiment when it comes to sfashion. My style fluctuates with my mood but one thing is static, I must be comfortable in it...

 One hand tops aren’t my cup of tea from the stigmatization of them in Nigeria to the fact that people who wear them don’t do it justice, just threw me off it entirely. I recently to experiment with one from Wanger Ayu’s collection, and boy was it different. Lets just say white is an amazing color to start of a style you’re not comfortable with (first lesson).

The pants chosen to go with this outfit sealed the look and I’ll be doing at least two more looks for my Wanger Ayu’s montH and can you guess what it will be?

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What are your thoughts at the way this outfit was styled?

SHOE: ReneeSignature:IG
Wig: Vivica Fox
Glasses: Heartdictions (IG)