I’ve never been a fan of sequins, I just have a tacky feel about them, except when I see them in old magazines on glam women, but that is that.

Early this year in March Wanger Ayu, (y’all know her from HERE) released an AW17 Brave with 5 looks previewed at DUNES and I was really impressed with the less conforming nature and twist it took and there was sequence and I loved it...

Her play on colors and choice of materials where very futuristic although revisiting a play on style. I just knew I had to style them, especially since they went with my retro and vintage vibe.

Exaggerated sleeves seems to be having a comeback and I’m glad she is setting the pace here on this side of the globe. I decided to give more laid back look to it and you can see the Solange vibe coming through.

What are your thoughts?



  1. Love the outfit tucked in. You look good.


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