2 July 2017



Recently, I decided to go through previous posts from 2014, (my post from 2010-Mid 2013) was taken down, and I feel it wasn’t the right thing to do. Going through old posts made me realize how much I miss my early blogging years, I was so young and I wanted to write everything and nothing about life, my style and my reoccurring issues with depression.

Looking at my blog now I am grateful for how far I have come, but I still do wish I am being more consistent and forthcoming about contents I put up here. I do know things will change when I get back to the classroom in August/September and there will be a lot to talk about, especially experiences from culture shock and my response to it.

I feel a lot has changed because as we grow we re prioritize issues in our lives and even though some things like my blog will remain constant the dynamics to approach would definitely change.

A huge number of you have been here since day one, got a mail recently and some sweetheart stated she started reading my blog in her first year and she is currently about to graduate…. I’m like I’ve grown old oh but y’all are the best.

Comment below on what you miss about your early blogging days


Today's look is a buttoned down Skirt. Outfits with buttons in front that run through, has to be my favorite item to add to my wardrobe, I don’t know how to avoid them. So I decided to pair two separate piece with an earth tone vibe to give a French look and another with a stripped shirt… what are your thoughts



  1. Cool kid on the block

  2. I miss being able to write about my insecurities. As uncomfortable as it were sharing at that time, it felt liberating

    1. You are so me, I think I'll get back to sharing mine that was why I started the blog anyways

  3. Honestly, Grace your pictures always look like they belong in Vogue or Vanity Fair. I love the black and white headless shot of your outfit, it's beautiful. I started blogging when I was 12 and the one thing I miss is just my desire to blog all the time. I was addicted to it, hoping to get back to that space. Beautiful post as always. xx

    Coco Bella Blog 

    1. Aww Demilade,

      thank you so much, same here I was also addicted to blogging then, hoping we get our mojo back

  4. Love the one with the bralet.
    I remember when you used to sew and you rocked a lot of Ankara pieces.
    You've grown a lot and your journey is amazing.
    Looking forward to seeing how you evolve.

    Tuke's Quest


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