6 July 2017


Its been long we did a food review, the last time was here. To be honest its not intentional that is just because I am constant at my eating joints. Once I find a good place it takes another good place for me to migrate and then y’all get a review. Except I cook and lately I’ve not had time to photograph my food moments... a lot on my mind see Here...

Well lets get into todays scoop, so a friend recommended this food point at Abuja see address at the pack, and when he mentioned the deal of having a three course meal for N3000 I’m like how good can it be, I’ve seen similar offers though but its rare. I decided to try them for home service delivery and I was really impressed.

I was told I should expect a 40 min frame, but then my meal was ready in 30 so that was a good point. The meal arrived in well-packaged takeaway packs and it was just cute staring at them, it almost feels like a work meal starter pack I kid you not.

Tasty and mouthwatering, I went for meals I was familiar with; you get to pick a meal from each course, which I did cake, plantain with meatballs, Spaghetti Bolognese and Sharwarma (which was an added bonus as a new time customer).

In all I was impressed, for someone with a poor experience with Sharwarma I must say they did an excellent job, less mess great taste.

SERVICE: 4.5/5

Are y’all going to try them out, number to call 09070777195 you can follow their link here or call the number on photo


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