An infamous poem by J.R.R Tolkien once said " ...Not all who wander are lost" well sometimes we all know that may not be the case. Its over a week I arrived the United States of America, Washington DC to be precise. One week into the game, I've cried as promised, gotten frustrated and walked over 2 miles to still get lost in the end.

"Grace welcome to America, they told you the road here is laced with gold and money grows on tress, but except well coordinated pavement and green vegetation, did you see any of those myth" my aunty had asked when she picked me up from the airport. My reply "Ahh I know those weren't true".

Nigerians, we pride ourselves with knowing how to cook and I may just say that is the only thing the country should be proud of, because eating out here has been a challenge, nothing taste the same, food to snack and all, now I'm wondering if food channel has been deceiving me all this while, I feel betrayed.

 Its one week into the game, I've cried as promised, gotten frustrated and walked over 2 miles to still get lost in the end. Tweet This

I finally made it to campus people, and goodness Georgetown University is a beauty. I had an insightful orientation organized for international student and should I say every resource person was helpful. No seniority here, can the church say Amen. People are ready to help and I don't think anything prepares you for that. Something to note Georgetown University is a big school if you don't have a map on your phone (which helps just a bit) you would get lost like I did.

Meeting Ai Hui and Sarah finally was  great, they were so welcoming to the department and guess what that was the day of the Eclipse. It was fun meeting grad students who had already started the program and they were fun to hang around and got me in on a thing or two.

I am thankful for my Ghanian friend, lets call him (Aka) today, half of my achievements in the first week can be attributed to him, I finally found a place to stay close to campus (well until I move in then I'll let you all in on that) I have also sorted out mobile communication, so I can say I've achieved a bit.

Getting to know the system functions of America isn't a mean feat, I may have wandered and gotten lost a few times, but its doable. Thank you for your congratulatory message on my last post HERE  

 Till next time, on my grad series... leave your comment below I appreciate, let me in also on what next would you want to read on the page. did you know Georgetown has been in existence since 1789?