It's my second week here (see my last post HERE) in America and classes has began. I see reasons as to why people lay emphasis on the need to travel and not live in your own small world because there is a lot out there to know. The difference in culture, social interaction to the education system is shocking.

My CCTP 505 Class

My first day of class exposed the serious learning and development gap  or lapses of the African and specifically Nigerian educational system. It's more annoying because our leaders and private stakeholders are not pulling strings or policies to shape or change that and are fine because they've embezzled public funds to send their wards to these great schools and no one is holding them accountable.

The feeling here is different and so is the learning process. A lot to unlearn and I'll try to list out the ones that first come to mind.

Helping other students: in Nigeria helping someone out with classwork is almost impossible people see you as a competition and knowledge is hoarded and not for the greater good, over here it's a total reverse situation, your helping in and out of class contributes to points that build up to your total grade score or point.

Your Professor or Lecturer isn't your God: here arguments are important and making your point meaningfully even when they don't tally with that of your professor is valid. In Nigeria a similar show of knowledge will have you repeating that class till thy kingdom come.

A school has a working system; while we are still battling with files and papers (in which case some magically get missing), these people here have created a system that helps ease out the strain of registration, information and access to curriculum  before the session starts(which way Nigeria) 😒

There is a working library: The library has a lot of space for different readings, be it group, personal or between two persons. The computer systems function and there is internet service ( you know that stuff that is hard to come by in Nigeria?😩😩😭😭) yes that. A 24hr open service policy, but in our climes 4:30 doors are closed well in some very rare case is it opened till wee hours.

Once you step into the four walls of a developed countries University, you realize that most of what you know is almost irrelevant except the understanding English language 😒 and there is light, I would want to dwell on this now but haha that day is coming.

Generally it's a long conversation leading up to this long summary so I'm planning on starting a vlog where I can rant further. Remember in my post I stated I was looking for a place, so I finally moved in and it's close to campus, bummer though most people are undergrad on campus and it's difficult carrying on academic conversations with them and to vibe with them on a mature stance.

In summary we need to hold our leaders accountable for our mess and stop hailing this fraudsters putting our children's future in jeopardy, have you studied abroad what where those little loopholes that made you almost snatch your wig?
everything I have on was thrifted .