It was sometime in 2015, when I had decided fully that my long dream of pursuing my masters degree in a course of my choice  had to become and active one. Against popular opinions, I decided to pursue my degree outside the shores of my home country (Nigeria).

I was already doing well in Nigeria, I had my blog going well for me, had a job and ran a business by the side. "Sometimes our comfort zone is not enough to propel us to greatness and we barely learn new things from being there". I decided to apply to just one University, I'm deep like that (I just want what i want) GEORGETOWN. It was the only institution that I felt compelled to apply to, considering the course I had in mind, was going to be multifaceted just like my daily activities. see HERE

"Sometimes our comfort zone is not enough to propel us to greatness and we barely learn new things from being there". Tweet this

Little did I know that it was going to be a test of my faith, a testimony that only God was to share the glory. I'll do a proper sequel on "what you need to know, about getting into grad school"for an international student, although the process is cumbersome the end is worth it. Fast forward two years down the line, I'm in Washington DC.

I'm learning a lot of patience through this journey and although gradual a new level of faith, and total dependency on Christ. It is important to note that time reveals everything.

favorite bible quote, I had always referenced when I wanted to discuss with God, Romans 8:32 MSG
If God didn’t hesitate to put everything on the line for us, embracing our condition and exposing himself to the worst by sending his own Son, is there anything else he wouldn’t gladly and freely do for us?

One of my major setbacks had to be finance, sometimes we never just get it right despite saving and all, and we would always want to look at the people who we feel would live up to expectations financially, but truth is this is a personal journey. Running a campaign to raise funds, saw me at the most vulnerable point at my life, but it was worth it because I felt a lot of people could take a note or two in regards to pursuing their dream see  HERE

After my GRE, a writing sample, series of medical and laboratory test, a lot of nay sayers, financial difficulties that almost made me decide the vision wasn't worth it, I leave today to start a new journey, filled with hope and love.

An overall lesson I derived, was that if I could push myself to this length for an earthly goal, I can do so to stand in a right place with God and pursue righteousness. 

My outfit is two ruffle elastic tops worn together to give it a gown layered illusion. One of the few ways I love to express my creative self, is by finding odd ways to style outfits I find interesting and could pass as a trend.

What lessons have your dreams thought you??