22 September 2017


It's been a month since my venture from my motherland to America, for my graduate studies and I'm learning rather harshly why this journey is worth it.

Being closed up to my environment and knowing just my history and not the history of others has kind of backfired, considering my course work this semester. Over here things are a bit intense and classes are a good example of show me what you've got, but in a civilized way. I really won't shortchange myself at this point, but it's been challenging catching up. Being in a class with a lot of smart people (Georgetown has a bunch of those)and listen to them come up with theories, methods and possible solutions to problems has me shook (So you mean you can tell your teacher the answer?). My solution is to wiggle my way through the holiday week and do proper readings, on gaps I have. Do y'all want to hold me accountable I'm down.

Most of the social ills I thought where only relative to the Nigerian setting, is replicated here if not in a worse state. People (maybe that's the long term effects of graduate school) do not want to proffer understandable solutions to questions you ask and they give you a general head knowledge to assume you have life figured out πŸ˜’

I'm learning you can't be too comfortable here, a little sleep a little slumber and so does poverty (failure) set in. I'm improving a bit on expression and writing a quantum leap I've been hoping I get. It's important to give eyes to details, read wide, stretch your imagination and question normalities. I have cases of speech recognition and expressing myself in an engaging manner which is the most difficult thing in the world, not an excuse so we gonna make money moves (metaphorically). Hey they say little droplets make an ocean they say.

Food has just created an imbalance in my life and I'm mostly on carbohydrates and cereals. I have an amazing support family friend here and their mama cooks Nigerian food so wellπŸ™ŒπŸ» every weekend I'm on a train πŸš‚ one hour away from school, to eat Naija food, you don't appreciate what you have until you loose it.

The cold here isn't for the faint heart and my body isn't adapting kindly. Please who wants to buy me winter jacket πŸ™ŒπŸ» ? I've the most supportive followers y'all, they check up on me regularly to see how I am coping and that makes me feel blessed.

Ok back to humming I make money moves πŸ˜‚ sorry the internet influences us whether we like it or not. How are y'all coping with life generally and do you love the new blog theme?

 Outfit Detail
Wrap gown /One Clothing (IG)
Shot in Nigeria


  1. Luv your outfit! Felt same way when I went for grad school in the Uk..Too many smart people in class when I was feeling like pro in Nigeria...Took weeks for me to get comfortable in class! You'd definitely get the hang of it

    1. Thank you so much Ama, HAHAH... I do hope I do.

  2. Very enlightening the Lord is your strength. You Can make it and you'll. Trust God

  3. I'm so proud of you Grace! The resilience you've shown during this short study abroad process is amazing, and I look forward to seeing more! Hahaa, you'll never get used to the cold. I also wrote about my study abroad experiences on my blog, we have similar stories about the academics.


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