My Christian faith and my walk with God is one I'm gradually learning to take seriously and my daily encounter with his words has left me heartbroken as to why I never did so early in life.

I grew up in a very committed Christian home and I couldn't be grateful to God for that, considering that most people don't have a choice to their beliefs especially when they are born into a background that may be less accepting. Being conscious of who God is and what we can do with the power he has given us, was a lesson I had to learn and still learning about.

So early this year I took a major decision as to holding myself accountable to what I watch, see and my association. I'm became part of a group (iVow), of women who come together to pray, reach out to women in need, physically an spiritually and hold each other accountable for their actions. That has to be one of my best conscious decisions this year. I see the lives and read and see the stories of people whose daily living and experience has been transformed put together and organized just by their believe dedication and honesty to the one true God.

I'm learning that in my walk with God, I have to be committed to feel the total outpouring of his love ❤️ and that's not in material things (which is a knowledge I keep trying to run from) but in the peace, freedom, sanity and organization that living a God called life  can bring.

The greater the commitment to Gods word and his love, the better clarity and purpose you feel towards life.
You don't get to this point in a day, but by daily immersing yourself through his word and using each experience to grow ... What simple life lessons has living a faith based life thought you?

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