Early this year, I was sent a lovely boxed product from a natural hair company called Natures Gentle Touch HERE. I haven't had enough time to do a proper review on it, due to extra stress from life hurdles as y'all know a bit from my journey shared HERE. That also meant my hair was going through some major damage and I could care less at that point, (this is me thanking God for those who invented wigs) and my hair health has been on a steady decline.

Fast forward to today and I decided to try on the products I was sent and it was one of the best feelings I've had with using a hair product. From the texture to the scent and the packaging, the product gives you a definite satisfaction for your money.

I am one lazy bone when it comes to hair mixtures to keeping a healthy hair, (shout out to all the hair gurus out there), but this product is a quantum leap from having nothing done to my hair, to having amazing natural product for a healthy hair.

So if you're starting out on a natural hair journey and you are lost like me most times on what product to use for your hair the Natures Gentle Touch is great for a beginner. Check out their website HERE


  1. Amazing!! love it! :)

  2. Hi please I'm also a biginner,
    Started early this year till now my hair is not long as expected

    1. This product is a great way to start, also eat healthy and take lots of water.


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