I remember starting my blog 6 years ago and how small the community was and you knew a lot of people doing the kind of stuff you did in relation to blogging. Then, you looked forward to someones post, from DIY, to personal gist and cool outfits, I still do. Comments could border around 20-35 and hey you were the cool kid on the block, creating without pressure but purpose but fast forward to today and you can only imagine the influx of bloggers and their different fields they try to tackle daily and then Instagram and the whole story is changed.

..."and hey you were the cool kid on the block, creating without pressure but purpose". 

However there has been a little glitch with user engagement over the years and that's due to the presence of social media platforms such as Instagram. A lot of people would rather just click a picture like it and move on. Going back to my old post I do miss the engagement and seeing the fact that people absorbed information written down. I've gone through some of my favorite blogs and it's same issue.

  • So where does that place us fashion bloggers? For one I think a better way to increase engagement is to provide little windows and exciting catchphrase to a particular topic and provide the greater detail on the blog.

  • Post meaningful content, that provide insight to the world we are in and can fall back as relevant data to people visiting your page. like hacks and tips to doing business or style inspiration, e.tc. see Here OR HERE

  • DIY's are great ways to keep people glued, people are always excited when they are shown new and easy ways to create relevant materials especially in a world that is becoming increasingly impoverished and getting what you love is so expensive.

These are a few thoughts penned down in a rush, I have a lot to keep up with but what are your own ideas and thoughts I'll love to read them

Do you think that Instagram has caused the less engagement of weblogs? I think yes to some extent, considering that the world is becoming increasingly instantaneous and people have less patience for long stuff that isn't bringing them money or ways of making money or let's say self improvement.

P.S I met some amazing bloggers before Instagram days  Cassie Daves Mide Coker Dee Mako Princess Audu Sade and the list continues, its great to see that these people are still here kicking it despite all
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