Winter is almost here and fall is gradually beginning to creep in. This is my first time experiencing fall in a cold country, but around this time in other regions, there is always a temperature drop in the early hours of the day and it gets really cold.

That being said, today's post is almost a haul post but with tips to shopping for fall, but then fall and winter shopping go hand in hand. I hope you find the few tips helpful

Be Timely: Shopping for fall can be a tad bit expensive, since you're getting jackets, boots thick pants etc one of the best secrets to having the best items for fall is to get those items at least two weeks before hand. This gives you more time to weigh price options and you're not doing that freezing, you're therefore in the right frame of mind to get the right things.

Thrift: if you follow me on my Instagram handle, you'll probably have seen a post on my thrift find over the weekend, phew most of the items went for $1.. Thanks to my aunt who is an MVP in affordable clothing I was able to snag the best.
Sales: This is usually the lender of last resort  but most outlets get to reduce their prices because of holiday periods that pop up from time to time.

Use your favorite influencers shopping code: Your favorite influencer might have that magic wand and key to stacking your wardrobe for less. Lookout for their captions and videos for codes, that are only available to their following and get a chance to shop for less than the original price.
Watch my fall video below, still learning to edit and be patient while at it.
Black Friday: Rumor has it that this is the favorite time of the year, prices go down by half and the queues are endless. If you're fortunate enough and got skills this is your moment to grab whatever you've been waiting for.

Most of the pieces I shared here where gotten at a thrift store in St Mary's county Maryland, USA and each item went for $1. I feel blessed I never expected it, I had to use unrelated pictures for this post, and I hope y'all don't mind. Can you tell which piece is my favorite?


  1. Those lovely boots are your favorite, I am loving the jacket tho. Great tips BTW

    1. Hahah maybe they will be, but the gold mules are. I love the details on it

  2. I’m tempted to come thrifting in Maryland... love love the boots


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