Hello loves, its a lot going on with my personal time and space and I haven't been too loyal with keeping up with my blog schedules, but I'll try to get back up again.

While I was away, I had my first American /Nigerian wedding, wrote my first three research papers and had tons of assignments to deal with, learning to work on my reading and writing skills and since I procrastinate a lot this has only ended up as a wish than an achievement. I am really trying to hold myself accountable, but hey I hope everyone is holding up, I am definitely working on the brand as a whole and it will be a bit by bit process.


Until this post, I didn't realise that the scarf on my head was polka dots but with bigger patterns, hehe the thing about knowing your style is that items begin to speak to you (like seriously) and you never really have to play by the rules to look fab.

I am done with my midterms and it is a surreal experience that is molding me to who I desire to be. Have a great week fam, what reviews do you want to see make a comeback?

Shoe/Bag Thrift
Glasses/ Naysarudolfeyewear