Just before November draws its curtains to a close I have to say I'm thankful and I have a million reasons to be. If you follow my stories on my blog you'll know why.  This year I got to do what I've always wanted to and that was to go for my graduate studies see here... That was one of the two things I had written down in the new year and the second was finding a boyfriend (laughs). 

The second obviously didn't happen and y'all can anticipate the part 3 of this . Honestly I'm not sad about that, because I'm knowing myself better with each passing year. I am also realizing some of my baggage, I can't take with me to a relationship. I am thankful for family and friends and this year, I got to value how much God loves us that he created people to be for us. Sounds so simple, but there is a relief in knowing you're not alone in this world. I am also thankful for my blog readers, y'all make things so easy and worth it. it's amazing how far we've come and y'all have supported this girl from 6 years ago. 
My blog turned 6 this year and I look back and smile at how much time has gone by and the growth that has come out of running this blog (teary eyed). The people, the favor and benefits... Thank you thank you and thank you. 
I am grateful for salvation and knowing that despite me not being worthy, God has loved me still and has not counted my wrongs when he needed to bless me. I am thankful that I can appreciate sound, light, music. I am grateful that I can breath live and have opportunities that only Gods grace gave.

This was my first thanksgiving outside home. I ate a lot of food, a lot a lot of food and I couldn't be any happier. 


What are y'all grateful for? and did you get to tick out your list?