Finding a perfect jeans seems like a dream. Yes, I said dream because Jeans has this issue where, its either your size from the hip down and the waist isn't or its your size at your waist but doesn't fit into your hip. Then you have the ones with the absurd length and cut and the fabric is just blehhhh...

Then Mott & Bow happened and I'm like, yes someone finally gets it. The fit, the cut and the material is spot on. Amazing you get it for less, and an amazing quality. First time buyers can get 10% off your first purchase and 20% off reward style.  
Its fall and what a perfect time to find that jeans that is pure goals, since it matches all sweaters in your wardrobe, stay tuned for more feature on this jeans. I decided to do a more minimalist chic look with this, considering Christmas is around the corner and see the slight slit in front of the denim that gives it an extra edge...

Do you have that one jeans in your wardrobe, that seem to be the best to go for every outing time? what are your thoughts on this?



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