One of the beautiful reasons I appreciate moving for my graduate studies, is because I'm learning to appreciate growth. I go through old post here, and except for a few times which I've gotten it right, the rest of the time, my write ups has been a mess. This brings me to the next point. 

Firstly, I want to say thank you to everyone, who have read my blog post over the years and still stayed, growth is real. I'm learning it's fine to not know and when you are humble about it, you grow. I'm seeing bits and bits of improvement in my writing, from punctuation to grammatical structure, lol I have to admit that.
One of the few sad habits of being Nigeria, is always claiming that we know everything. That attitude has robed me of a lot of opportunities to learn. When I don't know,  I feel depressed and inferior. So I want to say, it's fine that you don't know what you intend to know, always be open to learning about it and measure it as a growth process

Today's Outfit
Its no new news that I am a huge fan of beret and thinking of which I need to add more colors to my collection. I decided to style this check patterned shorts, this way because its fall. Although I have many great ideas as to how this was to look, I couldn't because of the weather. What do you think about this look and how are y'all preparing for thanksgiving?


BOOT HEELS/ F21 Sweater Thrift/ Shorts Thrift/ Wristwatch DW
Style HERE



  1. Great write up! Thank God for the opportunity to learn 👍🏻

  2. You look great! Epic outfit from head to feet

  3. Nice shorts!

  4. Beautiful write up as always Grace. I've known you for years now and trust me when I say you are not the same person I knew last year or last two years.
    Please continue to grow and most importantly be true to yourself. 😘


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